Water Packages

Vinlab H₂O offers a variety of packages covering tests often paired together.

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Somatic coliphages, Cryptosporidium & Giardia analysis can be done by
Vinlab H₂O upon request.
Certain entities will require additional tests - kindly verify this with the auditors.

Drinking Water SANS241
The following parameter is not included in our SANS241 packages:
Odor & taste

Bottled Water SANS1657
The following parameters are not included in our SANS1657 package:
Organic matter, O₂ absorbed, sulfide as H₂S, surface active agents.

These analyses can be outsourced to an alternative laboratory (extra costs apply).
Vinlab H₂O cannot guarantee the turnaround time for the outsourced analysis (usually 10-15 working days).

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