Vinlab H2O Cape Town Water Lab

Vinlab H₂O is a SANAS accredited analytical laboratory, based in the Cape Town area, specialising in the analysis of irrigation water, drinking water, bore hole water, well water and industrial effluent water.
Water is becoming a rare commodity, and Vinlab H₂O is striving to make people aware of the quality of water used and the quality of waste water produced by industries.

Follow the steps below to start testing your water today!

Why Water Testing?

Water testing in the Western Cape is of utmost importance to anyone within or affected by the water industry. This includes government organizations that are expected to regulate water systems safeguarding the public from microbiological and chemical contaminants, to homeowners wanting the peace of mind that their water is safe for human consumption.

Regular testing of all water sources is a necessity to ensure water sources are safe and free from potentially harmful contaminants with regards to the populations health, as well as, the environment. Water is something we all need regardless of where we live and what our lifestyles may be. Without safe water supplies humans and animals are susceptible to a wide variety of illness, some even resulting in death.

Vinlab H₂O is here to help! We are a private, independent analytical laboratory located in Stellenbosch, Western Cape that offers a wide range of water analysis for all your water testing needs!



Protects the health of people, livestock, fish and crops

Avoid Pollution

It identifies polluted or contaminated water supplies

Water Uses

Indicates the suitability of water for various uses in the home, industry and farming

SANS 241

SANS 241 Accreditation

Who can get their water tested?

Our aim is provide quick, accurate and user-friendly results. Not only do we service existing clients, including large businesses and farmers, but also individuals who need their water tested.

Water Lab

Borehole Owners

Water Lab

Home Brewers

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Different Types of Water

Effluent water

Wastewater generally has elevated level of solids, organic matter, salts, sodium and other chemicals. Prior to discharge or use, water quality should be evaluated to determine the necessary treatment needed to reach sustainable environmental standards.

Drinking Water

Domestic water sources, where not from treated municipal water, may be from dams, rivers and streams, or from ground water via bore holes. Domestic water needs to adhere to a much stricter and more comprehensive list of quality criteria, to meet health, aesthetic and economic needs.

Borehole water

Borehole water can be contaminated from the environment by french drains, leaking municipal sewage lines, agricultural waste run-off and surrounding geology. Borehole water must thus be tested to ensure it is safe for human consumption.

Irrigation water

Water with high chemical oxygen demand (COD), if used for irrigation, will utilise soil oxygen for metabolism of organic compounds, leaving soils depleted of oxygen with limited availability for plant uptake. Mineral and nutrient imbalances may negatively affect plant growth.

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